H E L E N   S T E V E N S   G A L L E R Y   C A R D S


E126   2.99

Sometimes things don't turn out
the way we thought they would.
E111   2.99

You can make your dreams fly.
E150   2.99

Here's a bouquet just for you:
Cattails are for peace and prosperity
The iris is for faith, wisdom, hope and valor.
The fern is for magic and confidence.
The chrysanthemum is for wealth, cheerfulness and optimism.
The edelweiss for courage and noble purity.
Ivy is for friendship.
Roses are for true love.
Daffodils are for chivalry and respect.
Bamboo is for strength and resilience: the ability to bounce back after a storm.
Butterflies are for change.
And the elves? They're just for fun.

All individual cards fit an A7 size envelope, 5¼" x 7¼", unless otherwise specified, and are sold in a protective sleeve.

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