H E L E N   S T E V E N S   G A L L E R Y   C A R D S

Birthday - Child

BCH107   2.99

But the most important
ingredient, the one we really
couldn't do without, is YOU!
Happy Birthday!
BCH123   2.99

Here's a star for wishing
and making dreams come true.
We've caught it on your birthday
especially for you.
Happy Birthday!
BCH124   2.99

Catch a star and
shine it 'til it's bright,
then make a special wish
with all your might.
Happy Birthday!
BCH136   2.99

First creeping,
then peeping -
What could be inside?
Something bold,
Something new -
A birthday wish just for you.
Happy Birthday
BCH108   2.99

Bouncing Bunnies,
How many do you see?
Bouncing Bunnies,
One Two Three
These bouncing bunnies
are hopping in to say
"Happy Birthday" to you
on your own special day.
BCH109   2.99

All dressed up in a pirate suit
in a boat that's full of birthday loot.
With horns to toot,
and songs to sing
it's time to have a birthday fling!
Happy Birthday
BCH137   2.99

Treasures can be found here,
and treasures can be found there,
but the greatest treasure
ever found is you.
Happy Birthday
BCH148   2.99

Please pardon the mess!
We came without delay because everyone has a part to play.
Bear planned the party with his usual flair but when Ostrich brought spinach
Eagle barked like a beagle, "Your'e so fickle! Now we're all in a pickle."
So Kangaroo leaped to the rescue.
She told Fox to bring a cake packed carefully in a box,
Mammoth put it on an elegant tablecloth.
Mouse squeaked,"Don't be a louse, add candles, too!"
Giraffe laughed, "All this riffraff is here on your behalf."
But when Baboon blew the birthday tune on his bassoon,
Lion roared off-key and started cryin.'
Then Tiger sang nicer and Chimpanzee harmonized with glee:
Happy Birthday to You
BCH149   2.99

Wonderful wonder. A whole new year
is waiting just for you.
Happy Birthday

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