H E L E N   S T E V E N S   G A L L E R Y   C A R D S

Birthday - Adult

BAD106   2.99

You have a way of making
the ordinary extraordinary,
the tedious fun, and the
uninteresting fascinating
Happy Birthday
BAD133   2.99

You’ve filled every minute with work
and crammed every second
with family and friends.
Now it's time to take
a few hours for yourself.
Happy Birthday
BAD105   2.99

There's everyone else,
and then there's you.
Happy Birthday
BAD122   2.99

For all your strength,
For all your support,
For all the seasons of your life,
Happy Birthday
BAD135   2.99

Magic can be found
in all kinds of things –
especially the laugh, the smile,
the hug of a friend.
Happy Birthday
BAD121   2.99

You brighten everywhere you are
and lighten every life you touch.
Happy Birthday
BAD147   2.99

Make A Wish
Any Wish
Happy Birthday
BAD157   2.99

In the Book of Life
I've always been glad
you're a part of my story.
Happy Birthday

All individual cards fit an A7 size envelope, 5¼" x 7¼", unless otherwise specified, and are sold in a protective sleeve.

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